Microcosm Games Ltd (microcosmgames) - Privacy Policy I. Purpose: The purpose of this privacy policy is to let you know what we do to protect the privacy of those who visit our websites and play our games. As laws, times and technologies change, this policy might be updated from time to time. Please return to this page at any time to see the current version. Note that if you use our websites, internet sites or internet services, this means that you are agreeing to the terms of this privacy policy and our privacy practices. II. Scope: This policy covers all Microcosm websites, internet sites, and internet services. This policy is used as a minimum standard throughout. If you visit one of our hosted sites, such as a game we run on Facebook, please visit that hosting site to see if they have stricter or different policies that we adhere to. III. Disputes and Questions: If you have a dispute or question please email us at support@microcosmgames.com. IV. Who do we Collect Information from and What do we Collect?: We do not intentionally collect or retain personally identifiable information unless and until someone initiates some action that requires or allows us to collect such information. After an action is initiated, information is either voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary information is information obtained because you took affirmative steps to provide us that information (such as filling out a form or registering for a game). Involuntary information is information our computers collect through use of the sites and services being hosted thereon. The amount of information obtain varies to the degree you interact. Some examples are: 1. You email us asking for information. We will now have at least your email information on record.
2. You register to play a game. We will have enough information necessary to allow you to play the game.
3. You make a credit card payment to us. We will now have enough information to process your payment.
4. You browse our website or internet sites. The sites may have programs that let us know who visited the site.
If you are less than 14 years of age, you are not supposed to be using our websites or internet sites without strict parental permission and supervision. If you are 14 to 18 years of age, you need parental permission to use our websites or internet sites. However, we have no way of knowing the true age of anyone using or viewing our sites. Therefore, we treat all information as if it had been given out by a person at least 14 years of age. When you register or sign up to play one of our games or services, you may have to provide us with certain personal information, such as your name, email address, a telephone number, address, age, gender and other personal or preference information. Also, when visiting our websites or internet sites, we can collect your browser type and IP address, just as we do for all visitors. It is likely that some of our websites, internet sites and services may store information from you via something called "cookies" (bits of data or information about you stored on your computer). Some of the cookies only operate while you are “logged in” to validate and confirm user login. Other cookies store or save usernames and passwords. V. How is this Information Used?: How we use your information depends on the nature of what is collected. Some of these uses are detailed below. First, all information we collect is used to make our company run better, resulting in better games, better graphics, better connectivity, etc. Secondly, we use the information collected to run the financial side of the business. We bill credit cards as authorized, contact you regarding outages, etc. Thirdly, we use the information to maintain contact with you. Fourthly, the information is used for billing purposes. Fifthly, we use the information for research purposes to let us know how to improve games, provide more interesting services, etc. We might also use “cookies”, small programs embedded into a website, to gather further information. This information is typically used to enhance game play, such as capturing your username and password settings. The rest of the information collected is typically statistical in nature and is used without identifying you per se, to increase the ability to market, manage and provide offers of interest to persons using the site. Law enforcement or legal proceedings may require us to turn over or reveal some or all of the data or information we have stored. As a result, we may have back-up copies of information collected for what we determine to be a reasonable time period. Additionally, we may use your information to send you notifications from us. It’s difficult to guess what the full range of those notifications might be. They may be about new products and services, or modifications or cancellations of older ones. It may just be a greeting. It may have to do with information on changes to rules or for trouble-shooting. We can always contact you regarding any accounts you may have with us. As you can imagine, there are lots of reasons for such contact. Also, you might use our websites, internet sites and services to provide information about yourself to others. We have no control over what use such parties put that information to. You should be cautious about what you provide to third parties. Depending on the game you are playing or services you are using, other parties may be able to view some of your information. For the most part, the information they see is controlled by you. Further, during the course of a game, or by using our services, you may receive email or other contacts from other users or players in a game. It may happen that we obtain information about you from third-party sources, such as a website, blog, email, newspaper, etc. In such case, this information is generally used in the same manner as information you directly supplied to us. However, because it came from an independent source, we do not have an obligation to use it in a manner stricter than the rules set by the source it came from. For example, if we obtain information about a game club by reading a newspaper article, we might use that information to contact the members of the game club. We also can use the information we receive about you (without identifying you personally) to third parties. This is generally done to build statistics about the users of the game. This allows us to tailor our services and games to better fit the market and allows us to better partner with third parties. For example, if we learn that most of the players of a game happen to like a certain movie, we may be able to tailor ads that show on our website to be more interesting and useful to those players. There are also a number of other reasons we share information with third parties. We might share contact information with third parties we have a specific business relationship with, such as a parent company or a subsidiary. We also share your information with third parties in those circumstances where our good faith belief is that sharing would either be 1) reasonably necessary for us to offer or run our websites, internet sites and services; 2) a legal requirement; or 3) in accordance with permission you have given us. It is also possible that third-party search engines or so called “web crawlers” may be able to do searches that pull up information you have posted to our website or through our services. It is also possible third parties may attempt to “attack” or “hack” into our databases. We will do what is reasonable to protect your information from such occurrences, but we unable to completely guarantee privacy against such determined and illegal (or unethical) activity. We might also provide your information to third parties we have contracted with to provide our services. These parties may do anything from providing us with legal services, performing data entry and programming, to managing customer relations, trouble shooting, or even administering the game. These are just examples, and there are many other reasons we might need to us third-party services. In such cases, the third parties may have limited to full access to some or all of your information. However, we will attempt to use reasonable contract protections and safeguards to ensure such access is only for the specified purposes. If you decide you no longer want to use our website or services, you may request us to stop using your information. Regardless, we do not sell your information to third parties, although if we sell our company it is likely such information would be included in such a sale. VI. Membership Registration: Links to third parties will often appear on our websites. These may be identified as links or may merely be advertisements. Many of these are posted by other parties, such as Facebook. A few appear due to paying us directly for advertising. Either way, such links do not follow any privacy policy that we are aware of or have control or input over. You visit such links at your own desire or risk and we are not responsible for their content or policies. Third parties may also have advertisements that show on our websites and internet sites but which we have no control over, such as on the border of a Facebook page. We do not have any control over whether such ads use cookies, gather information, or have their own privacy policies. VII. Terms of Use and Disputes: Please review our Terms of Use to view how we handle dispute resolution and the rules for use on our websites, internet sites and services. Any questions on our Privacy Policy may be directed to: support@microcosmgames.com